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Definition List
<dt>Definition List
<dd>Is a tag that functions somewhat like an ordered list and somewhat like a table or blockquote.</dd>

<dt>Hanging Indent
<dd>It is a style that is also known as a "hanging indent."</dd>


No Wrap within a table replaces &nbsp; in table cells
<td nowrap>

Break Clear Break skips a line &nbsp; in table cells
<br clear=right> moves down past floating images on the right margin,
<br clear=left> moves down past floating images on the left margin,
<br clear=all>

Address will italicize enclosed text
EasternGray Squirrel
Carkeek Park, Red Hemlock #27
Seattle, Washington

Typewriter Text
<tt>Will display text in monospace font </tt>

<kbd>Will display text in monospace font </kbd>

Cite will italicize enclosed text
<cite>Used for book titles and other references </cite>

<code># for pieces of programming code </code>

<abbrev>abbrev </abbrev>

<acronym>acronym TLA </acronym>

<au>Maya Angelou </au>

<s>strikeout </s>

Over or Atop, Above and Below
<over>over </over>
<atop>atop </atop>
<above>numerator </above>
<below>denominator </below>

Special Ascii Characters
a, acute accent &aacute; á  
a, circumflex &acirc; â  
ae, diphthong (ligature) &aelig; æ  
a, grave accent &agrave; à  
a, ring &aring; å  
a, tilde &atilde; ã  
a, dieresis or umlaut mark &auml; ä  
c, cedilla &ccedil; ç  
eth, Icelandic &eth; ð  
o, slash &oslash; ø  
sharp s, German (sz ligature)    &szlig; ß  
thorn, Icelandic &thorn; þ  
non-breaking space &nbsp;    
Inverted Exclamation Mark &iexcl; ¡  
Inverted Question Mark &iquest; ¿  
Cent Sign &cent; ¢  
Pound Sign &pound; £  
General Currency Sign &curren; ¤  
Yen Sign &yen; ¥  
Broken (vertical) Bar &brvbar; ¦  
Section Sign &sect; §  
Copyright &copy; ©  
Ordinal Indicators, female and male &ordf; ª &ordm; º  
Angle Quotation Marks, left and right &laquo; « &raquo; »  
Not sign &not ¬  
Soft Hypen &shy; ­  
Registered Sign &reg; ®  
Degree Sign &deg; °  
Plus or Minux Sign &plusmn; ±  
Multiplication and Division Signs &times; × &divide; ÷  
Superscripts &sup1; ¹ &sup2; ² &sup3; ³  
Fractions:  one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters &frac14; ¼ &frac12; ½ &frac34; ¾  
Micro Sign &micro; µ  
Middle Dot &middot; ·  
Pilcrow (paragraph sign) &para; ¶