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Birds On or Near NSCC Campus

This web page was created as a project for a course, Jean Kent's CIS111 , which I attended at North Seattle Community College .

I have two purposes in creating this web page:

  • To increase awareness of the birds around us
  • To increase enjoyment of these birds

killdeer. Click to hear song.

The killdeer is a bird commonly seen on campus, both in flight and on the ground. The name killdeer is supposed to describe the bird's vocalization. The killdeer has some peculiar habits. To read about them, click here , you will be transported to

Click the picture to hear the bird say it's name.

killdeer. Click to hear song

four cedar waxwings in tree. Click to hear song

The cedar waxwing is a colorful bird that can be difficult to see elsewhere, but easy to see on campus!

During the months of June through September you will find them in the red maples around the IB building at the north end of campus. The best way to view them is from the third floor (north end of 4th Ave),looking down into the tree leaves, with binoculars.

To hear them, click on picture.

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Created: 5/27/99
Updated: 01/12/10