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Birds On or Near NSCC Campus

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On the North Seattle Community College campus, you will find all the usual Puget Sound area urban birds:
crows, starlings, sparrows, American robins, finches, Canada geese, gulls, swallows...
and of course, pigeons!

female pigeon

Although closely related to the idealized dove, the pigeon is usually regarded as an unsanitary pest. The eaves on the third floor make exceptionally good pigeon roosts.

I had little regard for them until I watched a couple nesting together, snuggled intimately over their egg.

male pigeon

wigeon at
      shore wigeon in

The American wigeon arrives in Seattle in December, looking to graze on a grassy field near the Sound, or near a lake or pond, or even a large puddle. An entire flock was grazing on campus last January, in the Northeast parking lot. You might be able to see wigeons on campus from December through March.

male red-winged blackbird on cattail. Click to hear song

Named for the colors on the showy male, the red-winged blackbird is common in most marshes and wetlands... and our campus is no exception.

The red-wing has a song (mating call) as unique and striking as his appearance. Most people enjoy this song and it must work on the female blackbirds too, because the red-wings don't appear to be in any danger of extinction.

To find them, you may have to get your shoes wet, and walk to the frog pond in the marsh to the north of the Northeast parking lot.

Click on the male to the left to hear him.

      red-winged blackbird drawing The habits of the red-winged blackbird female
      red-winged blackbird drawing
eggs in nest,
      hidden eggs in nest

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Created: 5/27/99
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