Agar Dessert


2 cups white grape juice or apple juice NOT from concentrate
2 level teaspoons agar-agar powder (equals .2 oz agar-agar) (NOTE 1)
1 teaspoon granulated white sugar
1 teaspoon flavoring (suggest melon)
1/4 teaspoon blue food coloring
a few mint leaves, chopped finely (optional)
a dozen blueberries, (optional)


Put the premeasured agar powder into an empty salt shaker or similar in order to shake gradually into mix.
Bring 1.5 cups juice to a boil on high heat, preferably in a glass pot for better visualization of the agar.
Turn the heat down to medium and continue to boil softly (more than a simmer, less than a rolling boil).
Gradually shake the agar into the boiling juice, while stirring constantly.  That process should take about 3 minutes.
Continue to stir for another half to one minute to make sure the agar is fully dissolved.
Mix sugar, coloring, flavoring into the remaining half cup of juice.
Pour juice mix into the boiling juice.
Continue to stir the mixture and bring to a second boil.
Stir for one or two additional minutes while boiling.
Turn heat off and allow to cool to finger temperature.
Add optional ingredients.
Pour into little dessert bowls or jello mold.
Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.

Serving Information:

Yields 2 cups of jelled dessert.
If you use 1 cup bowls, you will get 2 servings.
If you use 1/2 cup bowls you will get 4 servings.


Agar is a vegetable thickening and coagulating agent from the sea.
It is similar to animal gelatin in uses but it has a slightly higher melting point.
It needs to be boiled for a few minutes and stirred in order to dissolve properly, otherwise your end product with have inconsistent texture.

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