Traditional Vegan Smoothy (vegan, gluten-free)


1 cup juice (or juices, pick your flavor)
1/2 to 1 banana, very ripe (more than just a few brown speckles) (frozen is optional)
7 dessert or 4 medjhool dates, without pits.
Everything else is optional (flavor enhancers, nutrition enhancers)


Use fresh dates because they are softer and easier to blend.  
If you must use old dates, pre-soften them first by slicing them twice and steaming them in a little water.
Blend liquid and dates first, then add all other ingredients and blend.
Blend first at a low speed to break anything hard or frozen, then at a higher speed till smooth.

Serving Information:

Yeilds 1 3/4 cups smoothy. Serves 1 or 2.


NOTE 1: This is a good tasting high-calorie and easily digestable breakfast drink. 

NOTE 2:  When I was in Southern California, or Georgia, my favorite juices were fresh apple and peach, mixed half and half.

NOTE 3:  The original vegan smoothy (before smoothies became popular in the early 1970s) had just 3 ingredients:  dates, banana, juice.

NOTE 4:  After smoothies became popular in the USA, commercial establishments started adding all kinds stuff to them, including dairy.  If you like your smoothies vegan, make them yourself or find a commercial place that is willing to make them to order.

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