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Part 1:  The Page
Part 2:  The Site

The Page
  • Loading Speed
    Has it been tested on a 56K modem for speed of loading?
    Have the graphics been optimized?
    Have large graphics been broken into pieces or interlaced if necessary?
  • Functionality
    Does everything function the way it is supposed to?
    Do the links work?
    Do the scripts work?
    In all browsers?
  • Clarity of Purpose
    Is the purpose of the Web site stated or obvious?
    Does most of the site content conform to the purpose?
  • Layout & Interest
    Does it draw the eye to the important places?
    Is there sufficient "white space"?
    Is it aesthetically pleasing, interesting enough to view more than once?
    Is there an appropriate balance between text and images?
  • Content & Readability
    Do the images support the content, purpose?
    Is the text written with acceptable grammar, syntax, spelling?
    Is the content relevant and written at the right level of complexity for the target audience?
    Are the text sizes and fonts readable and supported by multiple browsers?
    Is there enough contrast between text color, shade and background?
  • Multi-platform Compatibility
    Does it look good in all the versions of IE that have been produced in the last 3 years?
    Does it look good in all the versions of Netscape that have been produced in the last 3 years?
    Does it look good on Macintosh?
    On Netscape for Linux is the font size readable and the colors viewable and nondithering?
    Does it look good in all common resolutions (watchout for background tiling)?
  • Essential Information
    Is there some indication of the creation date and update date for the information on the page?
    Is there some information that identifies the author?
    Is there some information concerning how to contact the person responsible for page content?

The Site
  • Navigation & Usability
    Is there some navigation on every page?
    Is it easy to find?
    Is the type of navigation appropriate for the size/complexity of site?
    Is there continuity in the appearance of the navigation?
    If the site is large, is there secondary navigation on each page?
  • Net Friendly
    Can search engines find it & will they retrieve it for all relevant searches?
    Is the directory (folder) organization arranged so that the URLs are relatively short and easy to read & understand?
  • File Organization
    Are filenames devoid of characters (spaces, for example) that would cause difficulty or confusion on the Web?
    If the site is small, has it been organized to permit easy expansion?
    Are binary files kept in different directories than text files?
    Are supporting files (images, stylesheets) kept in directories on the "base" level of the site?
    If the site is large, have several "base" levels been specified?
  • Essential Information
    Is there copyright information, if appropriate?
    Is there contact information that indicates where the Webmaster or company is located in addition to email addresses?
    If the site is a marketing site, is contact information easy to find and available on every page?
    If the site is a marketing site, but not solely e-business, is there an address and map for each location?
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Authored & created by Meryll Larkin:  3/05/01
Updated:  6/01/06