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  • activities.html
    Seattle recreation, events, gardening, trips, special places, camping
  • amusement.html
    humor, jokes, urban legends for the gullible, personality tests, fortunetelling, interesting Web sites, tv, radio, poems and songs, curiositites in science, nature, math;
  • daypage.html
    my personal links for a work day
  • design.html
    Web design: hot sites, specific examples, art, animation, fonts, music, design guidelines
  • devi.html
    browsers, courses & certification, methods, styles, philosophies, & architecture, on-line code checkers, HTML, Perl & CGI, PHP, XML, cascading style sheets, JavaScript & cookies, Java & Java Applets, CVS, PDF, Flash, developer sites, search engine info
  • edutainment.html
    current short-term learning projects
  • employment.html
    job searches, post résumé, job seeking help, career events & usergroups, networking opportunities, strategies for staying employed, keeping informed in high tech, legal advice, business ethics, international resources
  • friends.html
    my friends, family, and favorite teachers
  • geek.html
    internet news & libraries, search engines, linux & unix, shareware, plug-ins, modalities, email help, system help, security, hardware help
  • inspiration.html
    heros, society gone right, organizations
  • news.html
    Seattle news, Seattle weather, Seattle traffic, News, Weather, current events, global news, high tech news, government, politics, & religion, social reform, environmental awareness, discoveries & science, internet libraries, internet reference, search engines