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Only Rumors - Credentials

WARNING:  This page contains unsubstantiated rumors provided by a dangerous person (me), with few or no credentials, who thinks she's an expert at MANY things.

My Credentials

B.S., Biology; University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport Connecticut 1980
B.A., English; University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport Connecticut 1976
D.C., Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Glendale California 1980

Unix/Linux Administration Certification, UW Extension 8/02
Perl Programming Certification, UW Extension 6/02
Certificate in Computer Programming, North Seattle Community College 6/99
Supervisor's Certificate, Seattle Central Community College 6/96
1995 Culture-Fair Untimed IQ test: upper 1 percentile
* Yeah, if I take the *right* test, I do very well; not as well on the others.
Dyslexic, developed skills to work with this such as double-checking.  It slows me down but keeps me more accurate.

Cognizant of sensation in my internal organs.  I can "feel" my kidneys when I ingest aspartame, and I can "feel" my gall bladder contract when I smell greasy food.

Able to taste an herb and predict its healing potential and which organs or systems it will effect.
Lived through "the sixties".  Raised in Rockaway Park (the Atlantic Ocean in New York City).

Strong cross-cultural interests and exposure.

Traveled through most of the USA by car, truck, or van.  Lived in St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York State (upstate as well as NYC), Seattle.  Went to school in Yellow Springs, Ohio; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Long Island City (NYC); Glendale, California; Seattle, Washington.  Took extended and/or multiple visits to Florida, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Idaho, California, Oregon.

Vacationed in Mexico, Hawaii, Turkey, Spain, France.

I've lived as working poor for more than a decade and had friends who were even poorer than I was.  Now I am "comfortable".  Having money is a much easier life.

I've worked as a babysitter (6 years), library clerk, data entry person, mailroom clerk, sales/stock person, switchboard operator, cashier, Doctor of Chiropractic, bookkeeper, accountant, teacher, web coder/architect/developer, web site creator, systems administrator.

Created:  March 1, 2006
Updated:  April 27, 2017