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Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama

WARNING:  This page contains unsubstantiated rumors provided by a dangerous person (me), with few or no credentials, who thinks she's an expert at MANY things.

Why I wish Hillary Clinton had won the Primary

One year later, I am still glad that we have a Democratic president rather than Republican, and I still think Hillary would have been much better as president.  The worst that can be said about Obama is that he has disappointed and been ineffective.  A Republican president does damage, and the Democratic president that follows him can't patch the trouble fast enough.

I have heard that the "Democrats were very fearful that Hillary would win the primary and then lose the election." The Democratic party sucks.  Last year was the best possible time for a democratic candidate: any democratic candidate, to win an election, and Hillary would have won.

EVERYTHING that I warned people about Obama has come true:

He is disappointingly socially conservative:
Abstinence only education, proven to be ineffective, is still being federally funded, even at this time of tight budgets.  Hillary would have ended this program AND would have marched in the Gay Rights Parade and been vocal about supporting gay marriage as president.

Our economy is showing as many signs of deterioration as improvement: no gains.
Bill Clinton cleaned up the mess of the first Bush.  I proposed that Hillary was the right president to clean up the mess of the second Bush.  Hopefully we are now smart enough to never elect another Bush, but it is the Clintons who know how to restore the damage that a Bush does.

We are no closer to solving healthcare.
Maybe it was because it was only "tried at first by a woman".  Obama underestimated the resistance for National Healthcare.  He did that for the same reason that Hillary did it years ago: he thought he could appeal to people rationally.  Hillary has already learned that lesson the hard way and would have sold the Healthcare program emotionally and pushed it through before we lost a supermajority in the Senate.  She also would have made it more about children's health.  The folks who are against National healthcare would have risked being labeled "child harmers".  The Left could then point to them and say "you are so worried about pregnancy termination that you are willing to put live children in harm's way".  This would have forced abortion and national healthcare to be separate issues.  Hillary also would have tackled some of the objections to abortion head-on by bringing out statistics on death by "back alley" abortions, and how the wealthy just took trips to other countries where abortion is legal.

We are still at war:
To be honest, I'm not sure Hillary would have ended both the war in Iran and in Afghanistan within her first year, but by now we would have a clear roadmap to troup withdrawal on both these fronts.  I believe Hillary would have been able to engage UN peacekeeping forces to create infrastructure to help maintain peace and justice in those countries.

Don't get me wrong.  I think Obama is still a much better president than McCain would have been.  I am thrilled that the United States finally has a president who isn't a white man: although it is possible that other US presidents have also had some black blood, Obama is identifiably of African descent.  But he isn't Hillary.  And I know how the Democratic primary was manipulated, because I was there. 

People in the US have memories that are entirely too short and new voters come of age every year.  I am disappointed at the Democratic Party for not making the most of the election when we could.  I am concerned that the legacy of ineffectiveness may plunge us into another Republican dark ages.

Created:  Created:  January 21, 2010
Updated:  December 5, 2012