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Only Rumors - Business & Politics

WARNING:  This page contains unsubstantiated rumors provided by a dangerous person (me), with few or no credentials, who thinks she's an expert at MANY things.

How Trump Got Elected
The Myers-Briggs Keirsey temperament group known as "Guardians" did it.  What Democrats need to learn about Guardians.

Fixing Healthcare:  Time for a new Paradigm.
Our Health Industry and insurance is based on keeping us sick.

Why I wish Hillary had won the primary
One year later, I am still glad that we have a Democratic president rather than Republican, and I still think Hillary would have been much better as president. The worst that can be said about Obama is that he has disappointed and been ineffective.

A worthy goal.  Chances are he won't be, but if only we could educate our children properly, and remember history ourselves instead of relying on the media for their rewritten versions, we could do it!

Stupid Tech Boss vs Smart Tech Boss
Modelled after Goofus and Gallant, contrasting what not to do and what to do if you are a tech lead or tech boss.

Created:  March 1, 2006
Updated:  July 18, 2017