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G.W.Bush our Last Republican President

WARNING:  This page contains unsubstantiated rumors provided by a dangerous person (me), with few or no credentials, who thinks she's an expert at MANY things.

A worthy goal.  Chances are he won't be, but if only we could educate our children properly, and remember history ourselves instead of relying on the media for their rewritten versions, we could do it!

Republicans and War
Republicans love war.  It does great things for them.  It provides them with power and money.  It provides them with power because Republicans know that no Republican president has ever been voted out of office during a war.  By waging war and not ending it before elections, Republicans know that a Republican president will be voted back into office and Republicans will gain seats in the House and Senate.  This is true because US citizens seem to believe that the person who waged the war must know something that the rest of us don't know and have secret but important plans that will effect all of our futures.  We are afraid that by changing presidents in the middle of the war, whatever we really got into the war for in the first place will be lost.  We are stupid.

So, Republicans start out motivated to wage war.  I'm sure that somewhere in the secret rules of the Republican party, a candidate cannot be nominated for the presidency until he lists at least 5 countries with which he could potentially go to war.  If a Republican candidate falls short of the number of required countries that are potential opponents, then a war on some kind of concept will do, such as a "war on drugs" or a "war on terrorism", just as long as it isn't a "war on poverty"!  When the Republicans say that Democratic presidential candidates "have no strategic foreign policy", what they generally mean is that the Democrat has no prearranged plans to go to war.

During the war, Republicans line their pockets with money scammed out of the hands of patriotic working citizens who willingly putting their tax dollars (and future tax dollars, and grandchildren's tax dollars) and other contributions into the war machine to "protect our freedom and liberties" from foreigners and foreign countries who want to repress us.  Meanwhile, at home, the Republicans are working hard to take away our rights. 

Defense contracts go to big corporations with ties to the biggest Republican campaign contributors and ties to their families, and (most recently) corporations in which they are or were on the board of trustees.  None of this is new to George W. Bush.  I remember all of the same from Nixon, but more about him, later.

War is great for Republicans, more of them are getting elected, they are making lots of money, and they have created a perfect excuse to push through their other agenda:  harass, intimidate, illegally detain, and trample anyone who takes action against them.  Nixon did this with illegal wire taps and secret documents.  Nixon collected secret lists of people who signed petitions or participated in war protest activities.  He authorized his goons to open postal mail of anyone on that list (I know from personal experience).  There was no email back then.  We already know some of the ways George W. Bush is doing the same. 

Republicans label anyone who does not agree with their agenda as unpatriotic or anti-American.  During the Vietnam war, the press did cover anti-war protests but they were depict as angry and possibly violent and dangerous (which they weren't) mobs of misfits and rebellious teenagers, who were protesting because it was the "in" thing to do in their crowds and not because of any real understanding or commitment.

When Republicans are in office, they put a stronghold on the press, Nixon threatened the licenses of TV and radio stations that reported significant negative news about him and his agenda.  That is why the ONLY radio stations that broadcast the information that led to the breaking news about Watergate were public radio stations.  All the other radio stations were afraid of losing their licenses.  Back then NPR really was totally funded by listeners and not by corporations.  There were no commercials.  Therefore, the government COULD NOT pull their licenses saying "they don't serve the public interest" because it was obvious that they DID serve the public!

Republicans are currently suppressing pictures of soldiers coffins and pictures of the Battlefield in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  The press does not seem to be covering any of our anti-war protests, not even the large ones.  I don't know if that is being dicatated by our government but I wouldn't put it past them.

Wars are also a convenient diversion tactic for Republicans.  Savings and Loan scandal about to break into the press?  Wage a war and move the money scandal to the back pages!

Republicans and the Environment and Industry
Republicans get put in office and proceed to line their pockets and those of their big contributors.  Who are their big contributors?.  The "good ol' boys" network of entrenched industrial corporations:  oil, coal, weapons....   The United States exports more weapons than any other country the world.  In fact, when our soldiers go to war, there is a good chance they are fighting against weapons made in our own country.  Although we can control direct sale of weapons, we cannot control third and fourth party sales.

Although Republicans have saved wilderness areas here and there, and that is applaudable; the net outcome of a Republican presidency is greater polution of air and water, loss of habitat, and the rewriting of environmental law to absolve corporations of responsiblity for the environmental damage they do.  Republicans play games rewriting evaluation formulas (with scientific data, with economics) so that we lose the ability to make real comparisons of industrial waste and its effects.

Republicans and Personal Freedom
Republicans and repressionism go hand in hand.  Republicans present whatever is socially conservative as the higher moral ground.  With the exception of Abraham Lincoln republicans reduced the rights of citizens of the United States.

Created:  Created:  March 1, 2006
Updated:  December 5, 2012