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  by Meryll Larkin
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Rogers and Hammerstein
I Enjoy Being a Girl
When I have a brand new for loop,
and my dollar signs all a-curl,
and the warning pager is empty,
I enjoy scripting in Perl;

Let's browse around though CPAN,
just to give a new class a whirl,
or ppm search DOS command line....
I enjoy coding in Perl;

I'll parse through files and logs for hours,
while tracking the system's load and pace,
with regex and split to aid me,
...ignoring or specifying case;

use strict; after she-bang, #!
use CGI; to get my $url;
Or mod_perl, courtesy TMTOWTDI
I enjoy programming Perl.

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First Draft:  6/15/02
Content Updated:  3/15/03 Page Format update:  11/16/09