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Trip to Northeast USA
October 2005
The leaf-peepers are disappointed this year.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather:  the Northeast was having a hot dry spell, with day temperatures about 85 degrees and night temperatures about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the leaves were all still green.  We learned later that in order to make good autumn leaf color, two conditions are required: 
  1. sufficient rainfall in late August and/or September (prior to turning time).  Without this the leaves just turn brown and fall off.
  2. a sudden cold snap that produces low night temperatures.
The funny thing is that the Pacific Northwest is having a wonderful seasonal for autumn color, having produced both those conditions this year.

There is definitely something special about Salem.  It isn't just the architecture....
signpost of Custom House Salem waterfrontsignpost of Custom House detail Salem waterfrontinteresting doorway

brick buildingiron fence

iron fence detail forged pointstrees off curbcandy shop entrance
Created:  October 17, 2005
Updated:  September 21, 2006
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