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Trip to Northeast USA
October 2005
headstone detail from 1683, winged skull, crossbones, hourglass

One of the few remaining authentically old sites is the cemetary.  It is interesting to see how the aesthetics changed from the late 1600s to the late 1700s, from skull or winged skull, crossbones, hourglass; to funerary urn under a willow tree.  The earliest tombstone we found was from 1683.  Some of the earlier stones were in amazingly good condition and some of the more recent (only 200 years old) were crumbling.  The biggest factor was the type of stone that was selected for the marker.
tombstones in Salem cemetarymore tombstones in Salem cemetary

tombstone 1727, skull designtombstone 1790 funeral urn designtombstone 1716 with winged skull design

tombstone 1831 with willow and urn motiftombstone 1683 with winged skull designtombstones and me


tombstone 1811, funeral urn and willow motif, border roped
Created:  October 19, 2005
Updated:  September 21, 2006
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