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This is the sound switch for the "guess" birdsong.

Off in the distance we hear a song, which bird is it?

white-crowned sparrow. Click to hear song.

The white-crowned sparrow has been the subject of scientific studies due to his propensity to create regional variations in song.

They can be heard on campus during any sunny day in Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Click on the bird to your left to hear a familiar sound.

white-crowned sparrow

The American robin's song is said to sound like
"cheerily cheer-up, cheerily cheer-up".

It is the male who sings, and the male who has the redder breast. He may sing at any time in the day during Spring, Summer, or Fall; but will sing repeatedly at dawn and dusk.

The American robin also has a characteristic call that is like a laugh or whinny. Listen, do you hear it?

male American robin. Click to hear song

Bewick's wren. Click to hear song

The Bewick's wren is a common resident of our campus, all year long.

Both female and male wrens sing.

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